Freelance Ad Copywriter

Improve PPC conversions with great ad copy.

Get more clicks for every impression with a skilled ad copywriter. Create highly optimised pay-per-click advertisements to make the most of your PPC spend.

I’ll write ad copy that links your targeted search terms with your landing page, creating a coherent, high-quality search ad that converts.

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Maximise your conversions

Spark more online sales

Optimise your ads for PPC

Beat the competition

Why ad optimisation is crucial for small businesses

Search ads help you shoot straight to the top of the SERP — and like all luxuries, it comes at a cost. You’ll pay for the privilege of being top of the rankings, but if your ad isn’t properly optimised, you may find yourself with wasted money and missed opportunities.

By working with a paid search ad copywriter, you can make the most of your PPC spend by:

  • Improving your click-through rate
  • Turning more clicks into conversions
  • Continually refining your ad copy for better results

Get the best return on your PPC investment by working with an experienced ad copywriter.

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“Rebecca has played an instrumental part in our product launch strategy, contributing to our web presence and social media campaigns.”

Why hire a freelance ad copywriter?

If you’re managing your PPC in-house, hiring a freelance ad copywriter is a great way to make the most of your ad spend.

  • Don’t waste a penny of your ad spend. Even the tightest PPC budgets can be maximised with high-quality ad copy that seamlessly links your search terms with your landing pages.
  • Work with an expert who knows your business. Find a freelance copywriter who is willing to learn about your product, so they can sell it more effectively than a one-size-fits-all agency.
  • Continually optimise your ads. A good copywriter writes effective ad copy. A great copywriter checks in on ad performance regularly, tweaking the copy where needed to make sure they always perform.

How my ad copywriting service works

Here’s what included in my freelance PPC copywriting service:

  • Free consultation
  • Ads written for every search term you want to target
  • Extensions written for each product or service category
  • Monthly performance review
  • Monthly ad amendments based on quality and performance
  • Monthly negative keyword additions

Book your free ad copywriting consultation using the calendar opposite. Alternatively, send me a message to discuss your next PPC project.

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