Starting a blog is easy – but updating it isn’t. For many businesses, having a regularly updated blog doesn’t always seem like the most important task at hand.

Whether you don’t have time to update your blog, or you can’t see how a blog will benefit your business, maintaining a blog is rarely number one on the priority list.

But blogs aren’t just nice-to-have features that make your site look nice. They’re not just a place to keep your customers updated on company news. A blog can have a big impact on sales – you just need the right blogging strategy.


Climb Google rankings

The number one reason many brands choose to have a blog is to climb Mount Google. To reach that coveted first page, you need content – and lots of it. A blog is a great way to get relevant, informative content out there in the search engine sphere.

Hitting the top of Google can have a big impact on your business. You’ll start to see a lot more traffic to your website, which can lead to an increase in sales. To make the most of your newfound internet popularity, make sure you write a great landing page that is clear, concise, and optimised for making sales.


Boost your social media presence

If you find yourself reposting the same tired old memes, it’s time for a revamp. Writing a blog can give you fantastic, useful content that you can post across your social media channels. Each new article presents an opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise with the world.

Great social media content is sure to earn you followers – so building a blog can be a great way to boost your social media presence.


Become a thought leader

From Steve Jobs to Malala Yousafzai, inspirational leaders are everywhere – and a well-written blog can give you a platform to join them. A blog allows you to become known for your expertise in your sector, helping potential customers see you as an authority – so they’re more likely to seek you out when they’re ready to buy.

Thought leadership is also an opportunity to boost your personal brand. With well-argued opinion pieces, you can help shape the conversation and influence the direction of your industry.


Establish a band of brand ambassadors

Regular, informative blog posts will attract regular readers. And once readers are on your site, you’re halfway to helping them make a sale. By giving people need-to-know information in your blog, you’ll be seen as a reliable source – so when they’re ready to buy, they’ll know just where to go.

Add widgets to your site to turn your blog visitors into social media followers and mailing list subscribers, too. It’s a great way to build a loyal collection of engaged customers.


How to decide on the goal of your business blog

Updating your blog becomes a lot easier if you have a goal in mind. But which of these goals best suits your business? Can you choose more than one? And how easy is it to achieve?

To decide on the goal of your business blog, consider the following:


1. What’s the most important goal for your business as a whole?

If you’re looking to drive sales, helping your website rank highly in Google is the most impactful thing you can do. SEO isn’t easy – but it’s very effective. A great blog enhances your chances of reaching those coveted top spots.


2. How much time can you dedicate to maintaining a blog?

If you’re already starting early and working late, it’s going to take a long time to generate enough content to help you impact SEO. If this is the most important target for your business, consider outsourcing your blog writing to a freelance content writer. Alternatively, select a goal that demands less time, such as creating content for social media – a single blog post can be reposted and repurposed at your leisure.

Time and targets are 2 key factors that can help you shape your blog. And once you know why you’re writing, the whole blogging process becomes a whole lot easier.


Find time to write a business blog

If you’re not ready to outsource your blog to a content writer, but you want to get the ball rolling, it’s easier than you think to get started. Find out how you can make time to maintain your blog.


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